Quartiers Properties has two outstanding share types in the form of ordinary shares and preference shares. The ordinary and preference shares in Quartiers Properties have been traded on Stockholm’s Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 21 June 2017. The preference share series was pre­viously traded on NGM Nordic MTF.

The two share types allow opportunities for two separate investment approaches. The preference share genera­tes an annual quarterly dividend, but has a theoretically limited upside as the company is able to re­deem the preference shares at a premium.

A direct investment in a property in Spain can in many cases be perceived as complicated and incur significant transaction costs. An investment in Quartiers’ ordinary shares is an opportunity to expose your share portfolio to Spain’s growing property market, and in particular on the Spanish Costa del Sol, which is the location of the company’s existing property portfolio.

Quartiers’ long-term ambition is to consolidate its po­sition in the Spanish property market and it is the only Swedish property company operating in Spain with sha­res that can be traded on one of the Swedish marketpla­ces, including the Stockholm Stock Market, NGM Nordic MTF, Aktietorget and Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

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Nasdaq First North Growth Market
Nasdaq First North Growth Market is a registered SME growth market, in accordance with the Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments (EU 2014/65) as implemented in the national legislation of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, operated by an exchange within the Nasdaq group. Issuers on Nasdaq First North Growth Market are not subject to all the same rules as issuers on a regulated main market, as defined in EU legislation (as implemented in national law). Instead they are subject to a less extensive set of rules and regulations adjusted to small growth companies. The risk in investing in an issuer on Nasdaq First North Growth Market may therefore be higher than investing in an issuer on the main market. All issuers with shares admitted to trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market have a Certified Adviser who monitors that the rules are followed. The respective Nasdaq exchange approves the application for admission to trading.

#Shareholders - June 30, 2020Ordinary SharesPreference sharesCapitalVotes
1Egonomics AB10 043 340-17.16%20.30%
2Fastighets Aktiebolag Bränneröd6 171 018105 37010.72%12.50%
3LMK-bolagen & Stiftelse4 627 7141 649 96810.73%9.69%
4Rocet AB3 917 334223 8667.08%7.96%
5Bosmac Invest AB2 671 65120 0004.60%5.40%
6Bernt Lundberg Fastigheter Lund AB 1 980 000256 5003.82%4.1%
7Swedbank Robur Fonder (Småbolagsfonden Norden)1 897 69903.24%3.9%
8Mats Invest AB1 700 000374 8003.55%3.5%
9House of K Investment AB1 500 00002.56%2.7%
10Leif Edlund1 333 33466 6662.39%2.6%
Other12 620 8067 364 32234.15%27.3%
Total48 462 89610 061 492100.00%100.00%

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Interim report Jan – June 2020

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Corporate governance

Quartiers Properties AB (publ) is a Swedish public property company, with registered offices in Stockholm, whose shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm. The external framework for corporate governance is the Swedish Companies Act, the Articles of Association and Nasdaq’s rules for issuers on First North. Prior to the listing on First North, which took place in June 2017, the company complied with NGM Nordic MTF’s rules for issuers. The company complies with internal regulations issued by the Board, the most important of which include the Board’s rules of procedure, the CEO instructions and the company’s inside information policy. The company is not obliged to apply the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

Principles of corporate governance within Quartiers Properties

Corporate governance within Quartiers Properties aims to support the Board of Directors and management in ensuring that all operations create long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

Governance involves upholding:

  • an efficient organisational structure;
  • risk management and internal control systems; and
  • transparent internal and external reporting.

Shareholders and the Annual General Meeting

Shareholders’ influence in the company is exercised at the Annual General Meeting, which is the company’s highest decision-making body. At the AGM, each shareholder votes by right of the num­ber of votes associated with the share type held. Quartiers Properties has two classes of share: ordinary shares carrying ten votes, and preference shares carrying one vote.

Board of Directors:

The company’s Articles of Association state that the Board of Directors shall comprise a minimum of three and maximum of nine members, including the Chairman. The Board currently consists of four ordinary members, including two members who are independent in relation to both the company and company management, as well as the company’s major shareholders. One member is independent in relation to the company and company management, and one member is independent in relation to the company’s major shareholders. The company’s Board of Directors is elected at the AGM. The election of the Board relates to the period extending up to and including the next AGM. The company does not appoint any special committees for auditing or remuneration issues, as the entire Board is engaged in these matters. The Board shall monitor operations and actively support the development of the company. The Board is composed of individuals with expertise and experience in business development, marketing, property and project develop­ment, financing and capital market issues. The Chairman of the Board ensures that the Board per­forms its duties. The Chairman also monitors operations in consultation with the CEO and is responsible for en­suring that other Board members receive the information required in order to facilitate discussion and decisions of high quality. The Chairman is also responsible for evalu­ating the work of both the Board and the CEO.


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Notice of Annual General Meeting 2020

Corporate information

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Articles of association Quartiers Properties AB (PUBL)

Information regarding completed share issue of 2019

Board of directors and Management team


Jörgen Cederholm
Andreas Bonnier
Sten Andersen


Marcus Prakt
Antonio Díaz-Barceló


Henrik Boman

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The Nominating Committee for the 2019 Annual General Meeting is comprised of Andreas Bonnier (shareholder representative of Egonomics AB), Jörgen Cederholm (shareholder representative of Fastighets Aktiebolag Bränneröd) and Mats Lundberg (as representative of Fastighets Aktiebolag Bränneröd and Mats Invest AB). Andreas Bonnier is the chairman of the Nominating Committee.

Financial calendar

Annual General Meeting 2020June 26, 2020
Interim Report Jan-Jun 2020July 17, 2020
Year-end report Jan-Dec 2020February 28, 2021

Press Releases

Quartiers Properties’ press releases are always available first in Swedish according to stock market regulations and are thereafter voluntarily translated by the company into English and published on the website. Click here to see Swedish press releases.

Quartiers Properties publishes final outcome of exchange offer

The Annual General Meeting of Quartiers Properties AB (publ) (“Quartiers Properties”, or “the Company”) on 26 June 2020 resolved, among other matters, on an offer to holders of the Company’s preference shares regarding the exchange of preference shares for newly issued ordinary shares and share warrants (“the Offer”). The final outcome of the Offer is…

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Half-year Report Quartiers Properties – January to June 2020

Quartiers Properties AB (publ) has today published the company’s half-year report for the January–June 2020 period. 

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