About Quartiers Properties and our projects

About us Quartiers Properties in Brief

Quartiers Properties is a property developer listed in the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Sweden in 2017. Since its incorporation in 2015, the company has generated significant growth and today has a property portfolio valued to approximately 80,3 million EUR. 

Quartiers Properties operates in Spain in the province of Málaga on the Costa del Sol, a market shown by a number of studies to be the fastest-growing property market in Spain. Growth in the region is due to a combination of increasing domestic demand, the region’s climate with over 320 days of sunshine a year, excellent national and international communications, and technological developments enabling more people to live in the region while retaining links to friends, family and work in their home country. Quartiers is active in two main segments; Property Value Creation and Property Development. Both business areas aim to generate value in the current property portfolio in different ways. In the Property Development segment this is done by developing carefully designed concepts for villas and apartments, which are then marketed and sold. The Property Value Creation segment focuses on transforming underperforming properties in a way that leverages each property’s unique characteristics, to enable a higher valuation when the property is either sold or revalued for refinancing on improved loan terms.

Our history

  • 2015
    • The company acquires 58 of the 99 apartments in the joint property Hacienda del Señorío de Cifuentes in Benahavis.
    • The apartments are acquired directly from Aliseda with bank financing from Banco Popular.
  • 2016
    • To strengthen the company’s cash position and enable acquisitions, shares are issued at a total value of approximately SEK 86 million during the year.
    • The remaining 41 of the 99 apartments in Hacienda del Señorio de Cifuentes are acquired from Aliseda using financing from Banco Popular.
    • The Ocean View project is acquired and Quartiers’ preference shares are admitted for trading on NGM Nordic MTF.
    • The company signs an agreement and pays a deposit for the acquisition of Centro Forestal Sueco.
  • 2017
    • The company’s ordinary and preference shares are listed on Stockholm’s Nasdaq First North Growth Market.
    • The company carries out share issues for approximately SEK 200 million during the year.
    • The two uncompleted structures that constitute the 22ByQuartiers project are acquired.
    • Quartiers takes over the Centro Forestal Sueco property in Marbella’s Golden Mile district.
    • Quartiers acquires part of the Amapura villa project.
  • 2018
    • Quartiers obtains financing from BBVA, Banco Sabadell and Frux Capital for 6 million euro.
    • Marcus Johansson Prakt appointed CEO.
    • 22 by Quartiers (https://www.22byquartiers.com/) is launched and 18 apartments sold by the end of the year.

Our Companies

Quartiers has several daughter companies which focus is to provide complementary services and added value to the two main business segments of the group – Value Creation and Real Estate Development. By outsourcing certain tasks to fully and partly owned daughter companies, Quartiers keeps the overhead organization small and focused towards coordination, financing, control and development of the group’s activities.

Quartiers Estates

Quartiers Estates is Quartiers Properties’ sales company

Quartiers Management 

Quartiers Management operates the
Quartiers Apartment Hotel & Resort 


Boho Club is Quartiers’ operating company for the hotel and restaurant project in the Golden Mile area of Marbella

Board of directors and Management team


Jörgen Cederholm
Andreas Bonnier
Sten Andersen


Marcus Prakt
Antonio Díaz-Barceló


Henrik Boman

Öhrlings PriceWaterhouseCoopers AB. Since 2015


The Nominating Committee for the 2019 Annual General Meeting is comprised of Andreas Bonnier (shareholder representative of Egonomics AB), Jörgen Cederholm (shareholder representative of Fastighets Aktiebolag Bränneröd) and Mats Lundberg (as representative of Fastighets Aktiebolag Bränneröd and Mats Invest AB). Andreas Bonnier is the chairman of the Nominating Committee.